This island fortress was known as “The Rock”

It is a popular destination for those who only have the weekend to spare. Aside from being the last stand before the Japanese takeover during World War II, it was foremost a military paradise before becoming a seat of the Philippine Commonwealth and headquarters of the Allied Forces. Although the most popular activity remains the historical tour, you can enjoy a host of other activities on the island such as hiking, kayaking, sunrise/sunset viewing, camping, bird watching, zip line, and night lateral visit of the tunnels. You can also explore the island on board an ATV or your own bike. If you’re up for dark tourism, stay overnight and go ghost-hunting with your peers at the Hospital, the site of the Jabidah massacre which took place almost five decades ago. A historical, outdoors and horror destination near Metro Manila, all in one place – how awesome is that?!

Regular ferries and tours run from the ferry terminal in Pasay City, so if you feel like visiting the city in style, why not find yourself a 5-star hotel in Malate, Manila, where you can also visit the Cultural Center of the Philippines? The Cultural Center, an imposing, modernist, concrete structure, sits in 150 acres of land and includes the Tanghalang Pambansa (National Theatre) and the Folk Arts Theater among other attractions. Be sure not to miss the Light and Sound show at Malinta Tunnel.

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