Batangas Tourist Spots

Batangas has long been a favorite of weekend warriors and holiday tourists, especially when it comes to beach destinations near Metro Manila. That is why more “unspoiled” beaches are gaining popularity during the past few years due to the proliferation of tourists in the more well-known areas of the province.

Burot Beach is a must visit in Calatagan with its crystal clear waters, fine sand, and rock formations. . Better visit soon! Masasa Beach, located on the fish-shaped island of Maricaban, is within the municipality of Tingloy, Batangas. What was previously a famous luxury resort is now open to the public off the coast of Nasugbu.  There’s also a museum commemorating the discovery of the MV San Diego Warship. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also popular activities on the island. Make sure not to leave without sampling the province’s Bulalo, Lomi, tapa, and Kapeng Barako.

FROM: twomonkeystravel