Why go

— Said to be the world’s oldest Chinatown, Binondo in Old Manila is a haven for foodies looking for an authentic experience beyond fast food malls and restaurants in the metro. Its influence extends beyond to the places of Quiapo, Santa Cruz, San Nicolas. For the more adventurous ready to brave crowded alleys, head to nearby Divisoria, known for its wide assortment of low-priced goods and wholesale and bargain shopping.

  • Ideal for food-tripping, shopping for Chinese delicacies and products, sightseeing, walking tours, and food tours.
  • A wide variety of budget-friendly dining options.
  • Authentic hole-in-the wall eateries, stalls and bakeries selling Chinese and Filipino delicacies.
  • Lots of cultural and historic points of interest for urban and street photography.
  • Streets are very walkable.
  • Convenient Guided Walking Tour like Ivan Man Dy’s Old Manila Walks available by reservation.

How to go

— From EDSA, take the MRT to Taft terminal station and transfer to LRT1. Ride up to the Carriedo station. Turn left at Rizal Avenue, and walk past Sta. Cruz Church towards Bustos. Turn left at Bustos, and walk about 1 block until you get to Ongpin. Chinatown begins there, right behind Sta. Cruz Church.

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